Finding Robin’s Lost Axe

By: Stephen Seaman
Updated: January 2, 2021

Even the players who know their way around Stardew Valley can face a slight problem in this quest to finding Robin’s Lost Axe.

Basically, Robin’s lost Axe Quest is when in Stardew Valley Robin loses her Axe in Marnie’s ranch. When she is south of Marine’s ranch, clearing a few blocks of wood, that is where she recalls last using her Axe.

The only possible way of successfully accomplishing this quest is by finding Robin’s Axe and then by returning it to her.


Robin’s Quest

The player will receive the Lost Axe quest message in the form of a letter that Robin will send on the 11th during Spring. In that letter, the player will receive the details of how she lost the Axe and could not find it while she was in the forest cutting woods. For this, she will offer 250 Gold to anyone who finds it for her. After accomplishing this task, the player will be rewarded with a friendship heart and 250 Gold.

You will be faced with some more quests from Robin as you move forward in the game. One of those could be in which you will be required to bring her ten pieces of hardwood.

Where to look for Robin’s Lost Axe

If you move south of your farm and venture straight into the woods, then in the farthest bottom right corner, which is south of Leah’s residence, you will be able to find Robin’s Lost Axe.

Step-by-Step Procedure to find Robin’s Lost Axe

Here, a step-by-step run through that will most definitely help you complete this quest.

Robin's Lost Axe
Marnie’s ranch

Step 1:

To get started, what you have to do first is to start moving from your farm in the south direction and travel until you reach Marnie’s ranch, which you can do through either of the two possible ways.

Going past the overgrowth in the south direction could be the most direct way. The other would be bypassing through Pelican Town, which is Jodi’s home town. Then go through the loop in the west direction.

Robins lost axe
Pelican Town

Step 2:

From there, until you reach the waters, you will have to keep moving in the south direction. Once you get there, again move towards the south till you get to the bridge.

Robins lost axe

Step 3:

You will need to move in the east direction once you cross the bridge. The player will need to keep moving until he reaches the forest.

Once you get there, next, you will have to get to the cliff. You will have to pass the foliage, moving in the same direction to get there.

Step 4:

After passing the ledge, turn to the south side.

All that you have to do now is to keep heading in the south direction till you come across Robin’s lost Axe.

Robins lost axe


As soon as you find the Axe, you will have to head to the north of Pelican Town to reach the Carpenter’s shop.

The player will find Robin there, and once you hand over the Axe to Robin, the quest will be completed.

You can find Robins lost axe watching this video

Stardew Valley. Quest "Robin's Lost Axe".

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Robins Lost Axe Location - Stardew Valley

For completing this quest, the player will be awarded 250 gold (game points). The player can obtain them through the Journal.

In order to access the Journal, the player will have to click on! Sign, it can be found right beneath the Total Gold Amount. One other way to do the same task would be by pressing J on your keyboard, which is relatively an easier way to do it.

Next, to receive 250 gold, right below Robin’s Lost Axe quest, click on the Reward option.

Robin’s Lost Axe quest can be quite entertaining and is a perfect example of how fun of a game is Stardew Valley.

We hope you found our guide to complete this quest usefully.

About Robin

Robin is one of the villagers in Stardew Valley. She resides on The Mountain with her family. She leads a married life with her husband Demetrius and has two kids with him, Maru and Sebastian.

She is the only Carpenter in the entire village and has her carpenter shop. She is available there every day from 9 am to 5 pm, except on Tuesdays and some time on Fridays.

Robin occasionally sends around Pumpkin Soup recipes along with the gifts, which she mails regularly. Even you will be eligible for receiving gifts from her if your friendship level with her is more than zero.

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