Where is Jodi in Stardew Valley?

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Jodi is one of the villagers in the Stardew Valley, who lives in Pelican Town. Jodi is married to another villager named Kent, who serves in the military. The two of them have two sons- Vincent and Sam. Kent serves in the military until 1st spring of 2nd year.

Jodi Personal Info:

BirthdayFall 11
VillagePelican Town
Home Address1 Willow Lane
Married toKent
ChildrenVincent and Sam

 Stardew Valley Jodi Location

Where to find Jodi in Stardew Valley?

Jodi lives in her home at 1 Willow Lane, Pelican Town with her family. Throughout the gamer, she can be found in different locations at different times. Check out Jodi’s schedule given below for her locations in the game at different times.

Jodi in Stardew Valley

Jodi Stardew Valley Schedule



12:20 PMIn the living room
2:00 PMAt town square


11:00 AMGoes to Pierre’s General Store
6:20 pmComes Back Home.
7:20 pmEnters her house.
9:00 pmIn Vincent’s Room.
10:20 pmGoes to bed @ 10:20 pm


12:00 pmLeaves her house for JojaMart
5:00 pmComes back home.
7:00 PMIn the Kitchen.


9:40 AMIn the kitchen
1:30 PMAt Town Square.
4:00 PMWalks back to home.
4:10 PMEnters her house.


12:00 pmGoes to JojaMart
4:00 pmComes back home
7:10 PMIn the kitchen.


1:30 PMAt Town Square.


11:00 AMAt the church
4:00 PMCome back home.
5:00 PMEnters her house.



9:00 AMIn Kitchen.
11:40 AMSitting on the blue sofa in her living room.
2:00 PMMeets with Caroline near her house.
4:00 PMStands by the kitchen.
7:30 PMIn the living room.
9:00 PMInside Vincent’s room.


9:00 AMIn the kitchen.
11:00 AMLeaves for Pierre’s General Store.
12:00 PMMeets up with Marnie, Caroline, Emily, and Robin in the Pierre’s General Store.
6:00 PMComes back to home.


6:40 PMEnters the house.


11:20 AMSitting on the sofa in the living room.


9:00 AMIn the kitchen.
12:50Goes to JoJa Mart
6:30 PMIn her house.


10:00 AMIn the kitchen.
1:00 PMIn her house.


11:00 AMGoes to the Church
2:00 PMLeaves Church to go home.



12:00 pmGoes to JojaMart
5:00 pmLeaves JojaMart at 5:00 pm.
6:30 pmStanding in front of the fridge in her house.


3:20 PMAt Town Square
3:50 PMLeaves the Town Square


11:00 AMGoes to church.
5:00 PMReturns home from church



6:00 PMGoes back to her house
7:00 PMEnters her house
9:00 PMIn Vincent’s room
10:00 PMLeaves Vincent’s room
10:20 PMIn her own room


9:00 AMIn the kitchen
11:30 AMIn the living room
1:30 PMAt town square
4:00 PMGoes back to home
7:30 PMIn the living room
9:00 PMIn Vincent’s room
10:00 PMIn her own room


9:00 AMIn the kitchen
10:00 AMLeaves home for Pierre’s General Store.
11:00 AMArrives at Pierre’s General Store, goes to the chapel
2:00 PMGoes back into the Store from the chapel.
4:00 PMComes back home.
5:00 PMSitting on the couch at home

Jodi Stardew Valley Relationship Guide

Jodi’s husband is Kent from Stardew Valley, who serves in the military.They also have two sons from the marriage, Sam & Vincent. Jodi’s best friend in the Stardew Valley is Caroline. The two have a very sacred friendship & trust each other with everything. Jodi & Caroline also attend yoga classes together sometimes, along with some other women from Pelican Town. 

Can I marry Jodi in Stardew Valley?

No, as mentioned above, Jodi is married to the Stardew Valley villager Kent & the two of them also have two sons together. Therefore, you can not marry Jodi in Stardew Valley. However, you can be her best friend if you want to.

Jodi Stardew Valley Gift Guide

How can I make friends in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew valley, friendships are based on the exchange of gifts. If you want to become friends with any character, you can do so easily by giving them any gifts that they love. To become friends with a character, you should do the following:

  • You should keep track of their location at any given time
  • You have to remember their birthday
  • You need to give them two or more gifts every week

With each gift that you give/receive, you will earn friendship points which will strengthen your friendship with that character. So the more gifts you give Jodi, the more friendship points you will earn and she will become your friend. 

Note: Always choose gifts very carefully, as every character in Stardew Valley has certain items that they love and would prefer as gifts. And as mentioned above, exchange of gifts give friendship points, so if your good gifts will earn you friendship points & bad ones will lose you points.

Jodi Stardew Valley Birthday: Fall 11

Jodi’s birthday arrives on every Fall 11. If you want to be friends with Jodi you should remember to send her a gift on her birthday, because this gift will give you 8x friendship points and increase your friendship with her.

What gifts does Jodi Like in Stardew Valley?

Like other Stardew Valley villagers, Jodi likes all the universally liked gifts. However, you can give her one of the following items that she prefers if:

  • Diamond
  • Milk
  • Fruits
  • Vegetable Medley
  • Pancakes
  • Rhubarb Pie
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Fried Eel
  • Crispy Bass
  • Eggs

What gifts does Jodi don't like in Stardew Valley?

While Jodi is very sweet & grateful for all the gifts that she receives, you need to keep in mind that you don’t present her with any of the following items as gifts because she hates them! 

  • Chanterelle
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Spice Berry
  • Winter Root
  • Hazelnut
  • Morel
  • Holly
  • Snow Yam
  • Dandelion
  • Quartz
  • Garlic
  • Common Mushroom
  • Daffodil
  • Leek

Jodi Stardew Valley Heart Events

While giving gifts to Jodi will increase your friendship points, there is another benefit that you will get from this. With the increase in friendship points, Jodi will also be sending you gifts and delicious recipes in the mail, Like:

Dear (your name),

I ordered too much fertilizer for the garden!! I bet you can put it to some good use. Take care!

– Jodi

Basic Retaining Soil5
Basic Fertilizer5
Quality Fertilizer5

Two Hearts Event

Once you have reached 2 friendship hearts with Jodi, you will be allowed to enter her room. In the room, you will come across a letter addressed to Jodi from from her husband Kent in the drawer reading as follows:


Since I’ll be coming home soon I want to tell you a few things.

I might not be the same man you remember. I’ve seen some things out here that have really shaken me up. I’ve been having a real hard time relaxing.

I don’t want to scare you or make you upset. I just don’t want you to be shocked when I get back.

Remember, no matter how I act, you and the kids mean everything to me.

I’ll see you soon.


Three Hearts Event

When you reach 3 Friendship hearts with her, Jodi will send you a Fried Calamari recipe in the mail with the following message:


This recipe of mine won 1st place in a cooking competition! I hope you like it. Thanks for being a friend!


Four Hearts Event

When you will reach the 4 friendship hearts level with Jodi, you will find her waiting for you outside your farmhouse between 6 am to 9:30 am. Jodi will ask you to get a largemouth bass to her house for dinner that night.

puff …hi (you)! *pant* Whew… that was quite a workout, walking all the way up here.

Anyway… I came by to ask if you wanted to have dinner with us tonight!

You don’t have to… but if you decide to come, could you please bring a largemouth bass with you?

…that’s right. One of those big, slimy fish from the lake. I need one for the casserole I’m making.

Okay, well… it’ll be at our house at around 7:00 PM tonight… don’t forget the largemouth bass! Bye.”


When you do go for dinner at 7pm, make sure you take the Largemouth Bass with you for her casserole. You can do this mission on any day after the invitation.

Seven Hearts Event

Finally, when you reach 7 friendship hearts with Jodi, you’ll receive an Ice Cream recipe from her in the mail with the following message:


This recipe of mine won 1st place in a cooking competition! I hope you like it. Thanks for being a friend!


Jodi Stardew Valley Quests

  • Fish Casserole 

As mentioned above, when you will reach the 4 friendship hearts level with Jodi, she’ll ask you to get a largemouth bass from your lake to her house for dinner that night. You will not get any rewards for this quest.

  • Jodi’s Request

On Spring 19th you’ll receive a letter in the mail from Jodi, requesting you a Cauliflower. Upon completing this quest, you will receive 350 Gold and 1 Heart. 

  • “Help Wanted” board 

When outside the Pierre’s General store, you will be able to find more requests made by Jodi on the help board. Finish these quests and you will receive 3x Item’s base value and 150 friendship points in rewards.

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