What does Gus like in Stardew Valley?

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Who is Gus in Stardew Valley?

Gus is one of the villagers in Stardew Valley. Gus is a chef who owns the Stardrop Saloon and also lives in the saloon building. He is good friends with Pam, and Emily, who also works part-time at his Saloon.

BirthdaySummer 8th
VillagePelican Town
AddressStardrop Saloon
FriendsPam & Emily

Gus Stardew valley location

Since he is the owner of the Stardrop Saloon, you’ll mostly find Gus there whenever it is open. If not there, Gus can most likely be found at Harvey’s Clinic where he goes for his routine medical checkup. Otherwise, you can find Gus at the Pierre General store, or Community Center in Stardew valley.

When is Gus’s Birthday in Stardew Valley?

Gus’s birthday is celebrated on the 8th of every Summer. Keep in mind to give him a gift he likes on his birthday and you will be able to strengthen your friendship with him 8x.

Gus Stardew Valley Schedule

Gus has a pretty simple schedule in the Stardew Valley. He can be found in the Stardrop saloon cooking for the patrons during the open hours from 12 PM to 12 AM, unless he has a medical checkup to go for at Harvey’s Clinic.

Gus Stardew Valley Gift Guide What gifts does Gus like?

Stardew Valley gift guide has a plethora of gift items that you can choose from to present to other villagers and earn friendship points. When it comes to Gus, he likes all the gift items that are generally liked universally. Gus loves gift items such as Fish Tacos, Diamond, Daffodil, Orange, & Escargot. So keep in mind that you pick one of these gifts that he likes for him because they will strengthen your friendship with him, while the ones he doesn’t like will have the exact opposite effect 7 cost you friendship points.

What does Gus doesn’t like in the Stardew valley gift guide?

While Gus is very friendly & accepts all the gifts that he receives, you need to keep in mind that you don’t present him with any of the following items which he hates, because that will result in you losing friendship points with him.

  • Hazelnut
  • Holly
  • Quartz 
  • Winter Root
  • Dandelion
  • Morel
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Salmonberry
  • Common Mushroom
  • Snow Yam
  • Milk
  • Chanterelle
  • Leek
  • Coleslaw
  • Wild Horseradish

Stardew Valley Gus Heart Events

At every new level of friendship that you reach with Gus, you will receive a gift from him in  the mail. To increase your chances of him sending you a gift you will have to raise your friendship level with him by sending him gifts he likes. Moreover, you can always activate the stardew valley gus heart events by collecting friendship hearts. The more friendship hearts with Gus you collect, the more recipes & gifts he’ll send to you.

Stardew Valley Gus Three Hearts Event

Once you reach the three friendship hearts level with gus, you will get a Salmon Dinner recipe as gift from him with the following message:

Dear (you),

Here’s a recipe from my saloon. I only share this with my good friends!


The Salmon dinner dish will give you +56 health points and +125 energy points.

Gus Four Hearts Event

If you have two or more friendship hearts with Pam in Stardew Valley, you can enter Gus’s stardrop saloon to trigger a four-heart friendship event with him. When you’ll enter the saloon, you’ll find Gus worried & struggling with his financial problems from running the saloon business.

When asked what’s wrong, Gus will reveal how the Stardrop Saloon that he owns, works, & lives in, is suffering financially because of his close friend Pam. Pam has a habit of not paying for the drinks she has at the saloon and he is afraid of confronting her about it because he does not want to lose her. As soon as Gus finishes telling you the story, Pam will enter the saloon and ask for a drink as she usually does. While Gus will not be saying anything to Pam, you will get to choose to say:


“You need to pay your tab right now!” (-50 friendship points)


“The Saloon isn’t doing well, financially.” (+15 friendship points)


Gus Seven Hearts Event

Once you have reached seven friendship hearts with gus, you’ll get a Cranberry Sauce recipe in the mail as a gift from him with the following message:

Dear (you),

Here’s a recipe from my saloon. I only share this with my good friends!


The Cranberry Sauce dish will give you: +56 Health Points, +125 Energy Points, and +2 mining buff (lasting three minutes and 30 seconds)

Gus Stardew Valley Quests

  • Fall 6th -  You’ll get a letter from Gus on the 6th of Fall in your second year playing stardew valley, in which he will request you to bring a lobster for him. For completing this quest you will get 500 Gold & 1 Heart.
  • Winter 19th - On Winter 19th you will receive another letter from Gus asking you to bring a coconut for him. For completing this quest you will receive 600 Gold points & 1 Heart in rewards.
  • Winter 26th  A new letter from Gus Stardew Valley. You have to give him Albacore in this quest to get 600 Gold and 1 Heart in rewards.
  • “Help Wanted” board - Outside the General store, you can find requests made by Gus on the “Help Wanted” board. Sending him the items listed on the “Help Wanted” board will give you thrice the money you usually get, along with 150 Friendship points in rewards.

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